item to Berry will be restricted(affected players) but, NPC Quest Rewards and Starting items are greatly buffed(everyone)
Affected: New players, Restricted Players (VIP, Non-VIP), Low-Reputation Players
Trade will be restricted to only sell their Popberry for More PopBerry seeds (1:4).
This will reduce the Multi accounts that move every asset to their main account and new players will focus more on the mechanics of the game.
4 tier of trading:
Tier 1: Berry is not allowed to be traded to other players.
Tier 2: items that are tagged with "Necessity" such as Cooking Mix, Wine, Foods, Energy Drinks, etc.. can only be purchased.
Tier 3:
Requirements: 1 skill should be level 11 or higher, Created 10 Days Ago, 2 mid level Quest Accomplished.
Trading Limit (2k), Balanced Trading is still the same
Tier 4:
Requirements: 3 skill lvl11, account created 30days ago, 3 Major Quest accomplished.
trading limit (10k Berry).
Tier 1 would make players who want to earn berry, sell their harvested items to hazel but also give them access to swap their harvested items to swap for seeds or other things. this will encourage them to focus on the quest, events, and skills to get to tier 2.
tier 2 gives the player the ability to buy starting items they need especially this is the tier where they lose tons of energy
tier 3 would introduce the player to Buy and sell for profit since their lvl11 (watermint stage) they are eligible to buy or sell higher value for profit. this will fuel the player grind to tier 4.
tier 4 is the final tier where players in this tier have the full potential to take 100% profit for their farming.