I've written an 8 page 1st draft/version on this concept to see if it could be implemented into Pixels in Chapter 3.
"Why not create an entirely new narrative & gameplay for Pixels which is not limited to just farming machinery, but does also include a completely new economical industry and tracks back to the core and roots of Pixels’ gameplay in general: farming and its many diverse aspects?"
That is why I would like to introduce to you the concept of “agricultural contracting”. In this first draft/version I will try to explain the basic concept of “agricultural contracting” as simple as I possibly can, without diving too deep into details on tokenomics or specific mechanisms. I don’t want to “waste” a huge amount of time finetuning all of the details if you, the team at Pixels, don’t see any opportunity in this general concept for it to be implemented into the game. Obviously, if it would turn out to be a viable concept, I’ll be glad to take you further down the rabbit hole.
I'm posting one page as an attachment since I cannot add a .pdf or .doc here. Please contact me on twitter @pleun_v for the complete document.