Hi Pixels Family!!
After conferring with a sizable group of Genesis Dino Pet holders, we wanted to compose a “feature request” which seeks to discuss and outline the potential utility mechanisms for Dino’s. Before we outline potential utility mechanisms for Dino’s, we’d like to note a couple things:
1) From prior Q&A’s it was noted that Dino’s would have superior stats relative to other pets. Given that Genesis Dino’s are a historic Pixels asset, in addition to their very rare nature, we recommend that other use cases and utility features be considered. Special use cases should be considered for such special assets.
2) Us Dino pet holders would love to be able to continuously provide input if the team is interested. We care about this game and would love to help bring exciting new features that bolster the entire community.
With that said, here are some possible ideas for Dino utility.
  • Fossil Fields Access: Dinosaur pets could have exclusive access to 'Fossil Fields' where they can dig for rare fossils and ancient artefacts.
  • Ancient Lands Exploration: Allow these pets to explore special 'Ancient Lands' areas, which are only accessible to them. These lands could contain unique plants, minerals, and other resources.
  • Special Crafting Abilities: Grant dinosaur pets the ability to craft unique items or enhancements that other pets can't, using resources found in their exclusive areas.
-Ancient Guardian Quests: Design special quests where dinosaur pets can act as guardians of ancient secrets or treasures, offering unique rewards upon completion.
-Time-Travel Adventures: Create time-travel missions exclusive to dinosaur pets, where they can visit different prehistoric eras and bring back special items or knowledge.
-Exclusive Dinosaur-only Competitions: Organize competitions or events where only players with dinosaur pets can participate, offering unique rewards or in-game status.
-Ancient Wisdom: These pets could have the ability to unlock ancient wisdom or stories, providing players with hidden knowledge or crafting abilities or bonuses.
We humbly propose these ideas in effort to bolster the community as a whole. We love this game and would love to see some of these ideas come to fruition if possible.
We sincerely thank the Pixels team for their hard work and vision. You guys are the absolute best!!!!
-Matt, on behalf of the Genesis Dino Pet Group