Auction System
Recently, there have been cases where items are listed at low prices in auctions to mislead others into listing their items at lower prices. This practice causes buyers to have only one option with a limited quantity of goods, making it difficult to purchase normally.
It is recommended to change the trading method to be more like an exchange, increase the score for using auctions, limit the number of listings each role can make per day, and add listing handling fees. Some of these suggestions need to be implemented simultaneously to be effective.
Restrictions on Using U to Purchase COIN
Officials previously hinted that players trading COIN would not be penalized. However, this has led to a large number of BOTs focusing on earning COIN, lowering normal prices, or using the auction mechanism to mislead people into listing low-priced goods. This process causes difficulties for ordinary players when purchasing.
Store Tasks
Since the last update of the store task, clicking "orders" often redirects back to "buy."
Questions about BOT Bans
Many people often question in chat channels whether officials are banning BOTs. Periodically display the addresses of banned accounts (new ones) on a cloud-based Excel sheet.
Feeding the Cows
Feeding cows has become a daily necessity for some players. Can it be classified as earning a certain amount of EXP?
VIP Price
Although the VIP price is around 35U, when the COIN value is low, the cost of purchasing VIP becomes too expensive (based on pixel prices).
Private Messaging System
Private dialogue window.